When You Should Get a Podiatry Second Opinion

Finding out you need major surgery or another significant procedure on your feet can feel scary. Understandably, you might want to talk to another specialist before committing to undergoing the treatment.


It turns out, getting a second opinion isn’t only personally reassuring, it’s also a smart medical choice. Research shows nearly 90% of patients get their diagnosis and treatment plan refined or changed after consulting a second doctor.


Our board-certified podiatrist at Podiatry Hotline Foot & Ankle, Thomas Rambacher, DPM, gives second opinions to patients who have questions or concerns after discovering they need major surgery or another podiatry procedure. In the following instances, Dr. Rambacher recommends getting a second opinion before proceeding or continuing with treatment.

You’ve been told you need major surgery or a life-changing diagnosis

Any time you receive a significant, rare, or life-altering diagnosis, you should consider getting a second opinion from Dr. Rambacher. This is especially the case if you’ve been told you need major surgery, such as reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, that includes a multiple night stay in the hospital, as Dr. Rambacher has an extensive background and knowledge in these cases. 


Major foot surgery is a significant undertaking, so even if you’re comfortable with the doctor who diagnosed you, you could seek out a second opinion before proceeding. Often, based on performing a new examination and assessment, Dr. Rambacher comes up with a different treatment plan and refines your diagnosis, either recommending a less-invasive surgical solution or conservative non-surgical measures.

You aren’t responding to or didn’t respond to treatment

In some cases, you might have been undergoing treatment and haven’t responded to the treatment or progressed the way you expected. In other cases, you might have had surgery or a procedure and not been happy with the results.


By getting a second opinion, you can get a fresh perspective on your condition and, in many cases, a new treatment plan. Dr. Rambacher can examine you, review your past and present medical history, and offer an alternative opinion.

You don’t understand the procedure that’s been recommended

You should never get a medical procedure, no matter how minor, if you don’t understand the treatment you’ll be getting. When you’ve felt unable to get this clarity from your current podiatry practice, it’s time to seek out a second opinion at Podiatry Hotline Foot and Ankle. 


Along with reviewing your proposed treatment from another practice, Dr. Rambacher carefully explains any treatment he recommends you receive until you fully understand what you’ll be undergoing. This includes answering all questions about the procedure itself, what recovery is involved, and typical outcomes.

Something feels off

Sometimes, something just feels off about your podiatry recommendation. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable with the doctor, aren’t sure about the diagnosis, or you feel hesitant for reasons you can’t put into words. 


When you’re getting a major procedure, you always want to feel comfortable with the professionals you’re working with. Always go with your gut and seek out a second opinion. Dr. Rambacher works with you with care and compassion, either providing reassurance about the initial treatment plan or offering you new options. 

What to expect when getting a second opinion

When you schedule your appointment, make sure you let our team know you’re looking for a second opinion. We’ll let you know what information we need from your previous podiatrist to offer a second opinion.


During your appointment, Dr. Rambacher reviews your medical history, previous diagnosis, and treatment recommended or previously received for any foot or ankle issues, and performs a full examination and, if necessary, additional testing. We offer you our medical diagnosis and a treatment plan customized to fully meet your needs.


When it comes to caring for your feet, getting a second opinion is always a positive action to ensure you get the care you need. Our team at Podiatry Hotline Foot and Ankle, located in Mission Viejo, California, uses their skill and compassion to ensure their second opinion is clarifying and reassuring.

To get a second opinion about getting major foot and ankle surgery or other podiatry procedures, book your appointment online or over the phone today.

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