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Tips to Keep Fungal Nails from Returning

Tips to Keep Fungal Nails from Returning

If your nail is starting to turn yellow, thicken, crumble, or otherwise look unwell, there’s a good chance you have an unwelcome fungal nail infection. Learn how to keep fungal nails from developing or recurring after treatment.
Jun 28th, 2024

4 Subtle Signs of a Growing Bunion

Bunions can start small and unintrusive, but with time, they can grow bigger and cause more problems. Find out four signs of a growing bunion and what you can do if they get worse.
Apr 8th, 2024
Geriatric Podiatry: Kind and Compassionate Care at any Age

Geriatric Podiatry: Kind and Compassionate Care at any Age

As you age, keeping your feet in top shape and treating problems that arise quickly keeps you active and mobile as long as possible. Keep learning to read about the surgical and nonsurgical podiatry care recommended for seniors.
Jan 8th, 2024
Making Sure Your Child Is Walking Correctly

Making Sure Your Child Is Walking Correctly

Problems with your child’s mobility can quickly dampen what should be a joyous period of life. Fortunately, most of these issues are correctable. Here are the conditions that can cause gait issues in children and how to correct them.
Nov 30th, 2023
Learn About our Customized Bunion Surgery

Learn About our Customized Bunion Surgery

When bunions get too large and painful to deal with, it’s time to get surgery to make them smaller. There are different types of minimally invasive bunion surgery. Learn what customized bunion surgery is and how it works.
Aug 31st, 2023
Heal the Wound in a Fraction of the Time

Heal the Wound in a Fraction of the Time

If you have a foot wound or ulcer that isn’t healing, cutting-edge treatments can help it heal far more quickly than traditional interventions. Understand the new techniques that heal your wound in a fraction of the time.
May 31st, 2023
4 Steps to Take to Prevent Gout Attacks

4 Steps to Take to Prevent Gout Attacks

If you have agonizing swelling and pain in your big toe, you could have a type of arthritis called gout. Straightforward lifestyle changes reduce your risk of excruciating gout attacks. Follow these tips to keep from getting gout flare-ups.
May 4th, 2023
What Puts You Most at Risk of Developing Bunions?

What Puts You Most at Risk of Developing Bunions?

If you have loved ones with bunions, you’re probably wondering what you can do to reduce your risk of developing them yourself. Find out the top risk factors for developing bunions and what you can do if they interfere with your life.
Mar 14th, 2023
When Should I See a Specialist for an Ankle Sprain?

When Should I See a Specialist for an Ankle Sprain?

All it takes is one misstep or fall when you’re playing sports, running to catch up with the bus, or even going on a gentle walk to sprain your ankle. Here’s when you should get specialist care for an ankle sprain.
Feb 13th, 2023
Ankle and Leg Ulcers: How An Orthoplastic Approach Can Help

Ankle and Leg Ulcers: How An Orthoplastic Approach Can Help

Without the proper care, diabetic ulcers can develop various potentially serious complications. Learn more about ankle and leg ulcers and how an orthoplastic approach can help treat them when they aren’t responding to conservative care.
Jan 18th, 2023
Neuropathy and Nerve Entrapment of the Foot and Ankle

Neuropathy and Nerve Entrapment of the Foot and Ankle

When the nerves in your feet or ankle get trapped, you can experience repeated, debilitating pain that interrupts your life without any visible symptoms. Discover more about neuropathy, nerve entrapment, and how to treat them.
Dec 14th, 2022
How Ganglion Cysts Can Affect Your Feet

How Ganglion Cysts Can Affect Your Feet

If you have a soft, smooth-looking lump on your foot that moves around when you touch it, you could have an uncomfortable soft tissue mass called a ganglion cyst. Keep reading to learn more about how ganglion cysts can affect your feet.
Nov 8th, 2022
Post-Traumatic Reconstruction of the Ankle

Post-Traumatic Reconstruction of the Ankle

With time and rehabilitation, many ankle injuries heal under conservative care, but sometimes, this treatment isn’t enough. Here’s what you need to know about post-traumatic reconstructive surgery of the ankle.
Oct 6th, 2022
Here’s How Arthritis Can Affect Your Ankle

Here’s How Arthritis Can Affect Your Ankle

Without slowing or stopping progression, ankle arthritis can take over your life. Cutting-edge treatments can dramatically reduce your symptoms and bring back your active lifestyle. Learn how arthritis can affect your ankle.
Aug 4th, 2022
Warts in Children: What You Need to Know

Warts in Children: What You Need to Know

Warts occur more often in children than adults, and they can be painful and difficult to treat. Fortunately, they are treatable and don’t usually cause serious problems. Here’s what you need to know about warts in children.
Jul 1st, 2022
Limb Salvage Surgery: No Part of the Foot Is too Small to Save

Limb Salvage Surgery: No Part of the Foot Is too Small to Save

With cutting-edge medical advances, you can now often get limb salvage surgery instead of amputating your foot after serious injury or medical conditions. Understand how limb salvage surgery works, and why no part of the foot is too small to save.
May 1st, 2022
Why Diabetics Need to Take Special Care of Their Feet

Why Diabetics Need to Take Special Care of Their Feet

If you have diabetes, one part of your body that needs special attention and care is your feet. Find out more about the link between diabetes and your feet, and what you can as a diabetic do to take care of them.
Apr 1st, 2022
Lifestyle Habits that Make Morton’s Neuroma Worse

Lifestyle Habits that Make Morton’s Neuroma Worse

Unmanaged, Morton’s neuroma can make it difficult to play sports and limit mobility. Fortunately, lifestyle changes help treat it. Keep reading to find out what lifestyle habits can aggravate Morton’s neuroma, and the simple changes you can make.
Mar 6th, 2022
Returning to Sports After ACL Surgery

Returning to Sports After ACL Surgery

If you’ve gone through or been told you need surgery for your ACL, you’re likely eager to know when you can return to your favorite sports. Learn how time and careful post-operative rehabilitation can help you play the sports you love again.
Feb 9th, 2022
Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Ingrown Toenail

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Ingrown Toenail

Initially, getting an ingrown toenail might not seem like a big deal, but ignoring an ingrown toenail without resolving the issue can ultimately lead to severe problems. Here’s why you should always get your ingrown toenail professionally treated.
Jan 5th, 2022
Bunion Surgery — When to Do Proximal and Distal Osteotomy

Bunion Surgery — When to Do Proximal and Distal Osteotomy

These days, there are a number of minimally invasive bunions removal procedures that permanently get rid of your bunions, with minimal pain and recovery time. Discover more about proximal and distal osteotomy and which is right for you.
Dec 2nd, 2021
Bone and Soft Tissue Stimulation Uses in Foot and Ankle

Bone and Soft Tissue Stimulation Uses in Foot and Ankle

If you’re experiencing a painful, chronic bone or soft tissue foot or ankle injury, stimulation is a convenient, minimally invasive option. Understand more about stimulation treatment options, and what they can do for your foot or ankle injury.
Nov 4th, 2021
Hammertoe — Easy Surgical Corrections at Any Age

Hammertoe — Easy Surgical Corrections at Any Age

Hammertoes can be very painful and get progressively more severe. Encouragingly, options are available to relieve the symptoms and get rid of them altogether. Find out more about when you should get hammertoe surgical corrections at any age.
Oct 3rd, 2021

Avoid Amputation with Limb Salvage Surgery

Getting your foot amputated is a scary prospect, but thankfully, it’s now often possible to avoid many limb amputations with the sophisticated limb salvage surgery. Discover more about this incredible procedure, and who can get it.
Jun 21st, 2021

Lapiplasty® vs. PROstep™—Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

With the advent of revolutionary surgical techniques, you can get rid of bunions with less pain and recovery time. Find out more about Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction™ and PROstep™ Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), and how to choose your procedure.
May 10th, 2021

When to Consider Custom Orthotics

Sometimes, your feet need a little extra help to do their job well. Wearing medical grade custom orthotics can decrease your pain, correct alignment issues, and generally support your feet. Learn when you should consider getting custom orthotics.
Apr 1st, 2021

Medical Intervention of Slow Healing Fractures

Foot and ankle fractures can occur in anyone, and worse yet, you might get a nonunion fracture that doesn’t heal properly. Understand the different fractures, and what you can do if your fracture hasn’t responded as expected to treatment.
Mar 3rd, 2021

In-Office Wound Grafting With Stem Cells

Diabetic foot ulcers can cause serious problems if they remain untreated. If you’re looking for a solution, stem cell grafts just might be the treatment you’ve been waiting for. Learn more about this revolutionary in-office diabetic wound treatment.
Feb 7th, 2021

Arthritis in Your Feet

The amount of work your feet put in to support your body makes them especially susceptible to arthritis. With treatment, it’s possible to restore your quality of life. Discover more about arthritis in your feet and the treatment options available.
Jan 1st, 2021

What Causes a Ganglion Cyst on Your Foot and Ankle?

Ganglion cysts, one of the most common soft-tissue lumps that occur on your foot and ankles, can cause pain and impact your daily functioning. Understand what’s behind foot and ankle ganglion cysts, and what to do if you discover one on your foot.
Nov 1st, 2020

Common Foot Infections

Thanks to their high levels of activity and the moisture that can get caught in socks and shoes, your feet are especially vulnerable to becoming infected. Find out the most common type of foot infections, and what to do if you have symptoms.
Oct 1st, 2020

When is it a Callus and When is it a Wart?

Having a callus or wart is highly unpleasant. They require different treatments but can look similar and be difficult to tell apart. Here’s how to distinguish between a callus and wart, including the definitive diagnostic test available.
Sep 17th, 2020

When is Surgery Required for an Ankle Injury?

Most ankle injuries can be treated conservatively, but sometimes you’ll need to get surgery on your ankle to make a full recovery. Keep reading to learn when you’ll need to get surgery to recover from an ankle injury.
Aug 10th, 2020

What is Brachymetatarsia?

Some people have one metatarsal that’s significantly shorter than the rest of their toes, a condition called brachymetatarsia. Discover more about brachymetatarsia and what treatment options you have if it’s negatively impacting your feet.
Jun 5th, 2020

Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery: All Your Questions Answered

Thanks to cutting-edge, new surgical techniques, you no longer have to choose between living with severe pain from bunions and a lengthy, disruptive recovery period. Learn more about the benefits of PROstep™ Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).
May 13th, 2020

When You Should Get a Podiatry Second Opinion

Finding out you need major surgery or another significant procedure on your feet can feel scary. In the following instances, consider getting a second opinion before proceeding or continuing with treatment.
Apr 1st, 2020

What Causes Gout (And What Can I Do About It)?

Gout, a painful type of arthritis that strikes your big toe, has the potential to literally stop you in your tracks. Discover what causes gout, and what you can do to prevent it from recurring.
Mar 10th, 2020

What to Do About Your Child’s Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail, a painful condition where the toenail grows into the skin of your toe, commonly occurs in children. Here’s what to do if your child develops an ingrown toenail.
Feb 1st, 2020

Diet and Gout: How to Prevent Flare-up

Avoiding the chronic, burning pain of gout is possible through dietary changes. Learn what you should and shouldn’t be eating to prevent painful gout flare-ups and protect your long-term joint health.
Jan 1st, 2020

Living With Plantar Fasciitis

Stabbing pain in your heel or pain along the arch of your foot could be plantar fasciitis. What is this common foot condition and how do you live with the symptoms? Learn the answer and discover effective plantar fasciitis treatment options.
Dec 1st, 2019

Do All Bunions Require Surgery?

If it’s difficult to fit your foot inside the shoes you normally wear because your big toe joint is enlarged, you probably have a bunion. And if you’re wondering whether need surgery, here’s what you need to know.
Oct 1st, 2019

5 Reasons Why Stem Cell Therapy is All the Craze

Many people are hearing the buzz about stem cell therapy for injuries and pain but don’t really know much about it. Here are 5 reasons why stem cell therapy is all the craze -- read on to decide if it’s the right option for you.
Aug 6th, 2019

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Feet?

Did you know that having diabetes can affect more than just your blood sugar? Common foot problems can become serious medical complications when you have diabetes. Find out how diabetes affects your foot health.
Jul 10th, 2019
The First Steps to Dealing With Heel Spur Syndrome

The First Steps to Dealing With Heel Spur Syndrome

Do you have painful heels and are concerned that heel spurs might be to blame? Discover the lowdown on what heel spurs are, their causes, and how they can be treated to help you resume your favorite activities free from pain.
Jun 1st, 2019

Exercises that Will Help Prevent Achilles Tendinitis in Runners

Achilles tendinitis can leave you unable to run or take part in the sports you love, and it can also be debilitating in your everyday life. To celebrate National Runner’s Month, we’re sharing simple exercises to help you protect your Achilles.
May 10th, 2019
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5 Signs Your Heel Pain May Be Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It makes your first steps in the morning painful and may keep you from enjoying an active lifestyle. Find out if your heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis and learn about treatment.
Apr 11th, 2019
high impact sports, Dr. Rambacher, sports-related foot injuries

How High Impact Sports Can Affect Your Feet and Ankles

Your feet and ankles take a lot of stress when you run or participate in high-impact sports. Learn how to protect your feet and ankles to keep injury at bay. Exercising is good for your health, but it’s important to take care of your feet as you run.
Feb 1st, 2019
Arthritis, feet, Podiatry Hotline Inc

How Does Arthritis Affect Your Feet?

Arthritic foot pain affects nearly half of all people in their 60s and older. If you find arthritis impacting your mobility and your life more than you’d like, it’s time to learn more about your symptoms and find the treatment that works for you.
Dec 7th, 2018

How to Treat an Ingrown Toenail

Don’t let the pain caused by an ingrown toenail ruin your day. These treatments will reduce swelling and pain. You can even get a permanent solution that will prevent future ingrown toenails.
Nov 15th, 2018

Innovations in Diabetic Wound Care

If you have diabetes, it’s important to understand proper foot and wound care. Without it, you could end up with foot ulcers, or worse, a limb amputation. To learn about the modern innovations in diabetic wound care, keep reading.
Jun 20th, 2018

How to Pick the Best Running Shoe for Your Feet

As National Runner’s Month approaches, ensure you can run this month - and beyond - by choosing shoes that support your feet and discourage injury. Read on to learn how to evaluate your particular foot shape and strike to find the best shoe for your needs.
May 16th, 2018

Telehealth: The Advantages of Telemedicine

Struggles to get to the clinic? Trying to reduce your exposure to COVID-19, as well as other contagious illnesses, and still need to see your doctor? Telehealth is safe and easy — receive quality care from anywhere.
Feb 20th, 2024

Why Callus and Corn Treatment Is Important for Diabetics

Diabetes has the potential to damage nerves, particularly those in your feet. Since any foot condition could grow infected or ulcerated, your feet require special care to guard against deteriorating conditions, some that might catch you unaware.
Oct 16th, 2018

Running Tips to Keep Your Feet and Body Healthy

Bad running habits can do a lot of damage to your body. Sore joints, torn muscles, and damaged feet are just some common symptoms. Change to good running habits for a better outcome.
Sep 26th, 2018

How Bunions Affect Your Feet

Bunions, known by a bulge at the base of your big toe, are embarrassing when you wear sandals and make it hard to find shoes that fit. But your aesthetic and fashion sense aren’t the only problems — untreated bunions progressively damage your feet.
Aug 16th, 2018

5 Tips for Preventing a Gout Flare-Up

When the debilitating joint pain associated with gout flares up, it can feel like there’s nothing you can do but lie in bed and suffer. But what if you could prevent gout from flaring up in the first place? Take a minute to find out how.
Jul 31st, 2018