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When it comes to foot and ankle care, our doctors are leading the way with the most advanced treatment options for all ages and activity levels. Whether you or someone you care about suffers from discomfort, a chronic condition or injury, the doctors have the knowledge, tools and technology to help bring restoration and healing. With a state-of-the art office that is conveniently located and freeway close, Podiatry Hotline Foot and Ankle offers friendly, compassionate, continuity of care with treatments offered both in-office and at the hospital level.

“I have the expertise to treat runners and sport related injuries like neuromas and pronation and easily as daily problems such as bunion and hammertoes,” says Dr. Rambacher. “I also treat children of all ages who suffer from flat feet and growing pains in the feet; adults with day-to-day foot, heel or ankle pain; and older adult foot-care maintenance. Our services are designed to cater to the whole family.”.

With a practice specializing in minimally invasive surgical procedures and natural growth factors to safely and effectively accelerate the natural healing process, Podiatry Hotline Foot and Ankle also incorporates cord blood and placental tissue when warranted to augment or assist with traditional podiatric procedures. With your convenience in mind, Podiatry Hotline Foot and Ankle features state-of-the-art equipment to allow for prompt and accurate diagnosis for most foot and ankle problems, and an easily accessible “Podiatry Hotline” telephone and text system, so you can always communicate with the doctor and his staff.

Known for his compassionate, solution-minded approach, Dr. Rambacher emphasizes podiatric care that offers patients an accurate diagnosis and personally-tailored treatment plans. “By getting the diagnosis right the first time, we help patients avoid painful and costly corrective treatments or procedures.”.


We Also Offer the Following Services:

Additional Services

  • In Hospital Care
  • Home Care (House Calls)
  • Laser Toe Nail Fungus Treatment
  • Comprehensive care of Foot and Ankle related disorders
  • Routine foot care services
  • KeryFlex
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Non-Surgical and Surgical treatment of athletic injuries
  • Foot and Ankle surgery
  • Medical Grade Custom-molded Orthotics
  • Accommodative Orthotics
  • Work Related Injuries
  • Minor In-Office Surgical Procedures
  • Proliferation Therapy
  • Microablation Therapy
  • MIS (Minimal Invasive Surgery)
  • Plastics/ Minimal Scar
  • Surgical Second Opinions
  • Skin Grafts
  • Herbal/ Holistic Treatments
  • Sport Medicine
  • External Fixation
  • Wound Care
  • Limb Salvage
  • Biopsies
  • ENFD (Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density) Testing
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • Fluoroscan and X-ray
  • InBody Composition Analysis
  • ABI (Blood Flow Testing)
  • Cold Laser Treatments
  • Topaz
  • Tenex
  • System for External Alignment of Limbs (SEAL)
  • Cartiva
  • minimal incision surgery

Medical Surgical Treatment of

  • Bunions
  • Ingrown Nails
  • Hammertoes
  • Peripheral Neuropathy
  • Nail Problems/ Fungal Disease
  • Corns and Calluses
  • Arch Disorders
  • Sever’s Disease (Apophysitis)
  • Growth Plate Injuries
  • Heel Pain
  • Heel Spurs
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Reconstructive Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Ankle and Foot Fractures
  • Tendon Pain or Injuries
  • Joint Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Pediatric Fractures
  • Non Unions
  • Mal Unions (Improperly Healed Bones)
  • Infections
  • Ulcerations
  • Burning/Nerve Pain
  • Wounds
  • Skin Cancers
  • Warts
  • Soft Tissue Masses and Tumors
  • Trauma and Athletic Injuries
  • Foreign Bodies
  • Failed Surgeries
  • Foot or Ankle Deformities
  • Short Metatarsal Syndrome (Brachymetatarsalgia)
  • Congenital Deformities
  • Arterial Venous Malformation
  • Cysts
  • Ganglions
  • Masses

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  • Our Doctors are on staff at:

    • Saddleback Memorial Hospital -Laguna Hills
    • Mission Regional Medical Center/Hospital - Mission Viejo
    • Mission Regional Medical Center/Hospital- Laguna Beach
    • Anaheim Regional Medical Center/Hospital
    • CHOC Children's at Mission Hospital
    • The Surgery Center at Saddleback
    • Laguna Hills Surgery Center
    • Pacific Hills Surgery Center
    • Newport Beach Center for Surgery
    • Aestheticare Surgery Center
    • Mission Ambulatory Surgery Center
    • Irvine Specialty Surgery Center
    • Advanced Center of Foothill Ranch

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Tips to Keep Fungal Nails from Returning

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Words from our patients

  • Yelp

    "Dr. Rambacher took the time to ask and answer questions to really understand my issues. His exam and testing processes are very detailed and thorough."

    Letty G.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Rambacher is one of those doctors who will take the time to explain to you exactly what is going on. He then explains what the best options and solutions will be."

    Bren V.
  • Yelp

    "During his first visit to my home he explained my problem to me satisfactorily and recommended I have an MRI."

    Barry W.
  • Yelp

    "I was training for the LA Marathon and developed bone spurs on both heals. Dr. Rambacher molded my feet for orthotics. No hesitation to recommend him!"

    Scott B.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Rambacher is the best podiatrist hands down and I have been to several! The doctor is very thorough in explaining everything and answering questions."

    C M.
  • Yelp

    "Dr. Rambacher is such a blessing to me and my family. Since then I have had to take my daughter to him several times. You will not be disappointed going to him."

    Mary O.
  • Healthgrades

    "One of the things I liked about Dr. Rambacher is he got directly to the problem without having to do too many tests. It was all done in a timely manner."

  • Healthgrades

    "I found Dr. Rambacher two weeks before that surgery and immediately scheduled with him. Post-operation was tough... but he made the process manageable."

  • Healthgrades

    "I went to Dr. Rambacher for an unrelated issue and he picked up on a chronic issue I was having that my ortho doctor wasn't dealing with."

  • Vitals

    "I developed a foot wound while in the hospital and Dr. Rambacher has worked with me to resolve it by using various methods."

    Verified Patient


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