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For patients seeking alternatives to conventional surgery, Dr. Rambacher offers stem cell therapy to safely and effectively accelerate the natural healing process of damaged joints, ligaments, nerves, muscles and/or tendons.

Stem Cell Therapy

Where does it come from?

Ever-mindful of ethical concerns, Dr. Rambacher utilizes humanely-derived growth factors from placental (not fetal) tissue, to stimulate the body’s stem cells or Cord Blood/Wharton’s Jelly for mesenchymal stem cells. This therapy is used to augment or assist with traditional podiatric procedures and has been shown to offer an effective alternative to more invasive options. Stem cell therapy has also been successfully used in the treatment of acute and chronic wounds because of its ability to restore the body’s natural healing barriers. The therapy also decreases inflammation and pain commonly associated with podiatric procedures.

Who is it for?

“Stem cell therapy is ideal for anyone who wants less down time and a faster recovery process,” says Dr. Rambacher. “In my practice I’m seeing exceptional results using stem cells to treat everything from bunions, sports injuries and diabetic foot ulcers.”

Can it be used with traditional surgical procedures?

Stem cells can help accelerate healing and decrease inflammation with most surgical procedures. Dr. Rambacher notes that the inclusion of stem cell therapy coupled with external fixators can assist patients with bone and muscle realignment, ultimately helping them avoid the need for long-term internal hardware. “We’re using smaller incisions so there is less scarring and there is no metal left behind.”

What type of stem cell is best for me?

Deciding which generation of stem cells is the best for your condition and guiding you thought the process is something we pride ourselves in. We hope to be of assistance to you for all your stem cell needs.

How about using your bodies “own” stem cells?

Marrow and PRP uses cells that are aged and already present in the body; as such they are not true stem cells and have a limited usage. They often cause inflammation and help in only in the short term. Longer lasting correction need to involve the birthing process material, those are truly Stem Cells.

We do offer exosomes, so called “Next generation PRP” at lesser price point than PRP with no need to handle blood product and no harvest aspiration needles.


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